February Newsletter
February 16th, 2019, 8:45 am
It's that time of the month again! I'm not talking about my period - it's newsletter time :)

Please, remember to vote for my comic when you have time (once a week would be awesome, if at all possible)! Here's the voting link.

Colors are back
You will see them again from page 25 on, just as promised :)

Current comics
As a reminder, my comics are intended for adult audiences (18+ only).
Infected Blood brings exciting plot twists and news! Alex works out an apparently lucrative deal with her new cellmates and ends up making a choice that will surprise Infected Blood's readers, but not those who read The Green-Eyed Sniper. Let's just say that we are at a point where we will collectively recognize the character much more :)

We also had a cool contest to decide on extra content. The winner was Character Preview, which you can admire here, but the runner-up was so close that I will just bring it to you now. See the upcoming comics/projects section for more details.

Website revamp
Well, I added more red and tweaked it here and there, but I'm not completely happy, yet. I will just continue working on it whenever I have time.

Upcoming comics/projects
Ask your questions to my characters! Go to the home page and use the box at the top to enter your questions (no limits) to any character/s (no limit). You have until 2 March. Answers will be provided shortly thereafter.

That's all for this month. As always, you may contact me by email at infectedbloodcomics@gmail.com.