Updates and hiatuses
January 5th, 2019, 9:33 am
If you didn't notice, yet, I am far from your typical webcomic author: I have a real schedule, I communicate it clearly to my readers, and I seriously stick to it. Even more: I don't drop comics into the void and I don't vanish into thin air. So, your worst readers' nightmare won't materialize with me. This is why I am announcing a revised schedule in light of a recent promotion I had at work, which will demand more of my time.

All things considered, I had several options: one was to stop coloring altogether, since that takes a whole lot of time and effort. However, I just can't get myself to do that, colors are just too nice to me. Another option was to update once every two weeks with almost no breaks: but come on, that sucks. I wouldn't go back to a comic updating once every two weeks, especially if it's just one page at a time. I settled for what I think it's the best option: plan for two clear, long hiatuses a year. After all, my dear readers are already used to my twice-a-year breaks. I just have to make them a bit longer breaks.

So, I will still be updating once a week, on Mondays, in color (as soon as my hand allows for adding colors, which is going to be relatively soon), and will be taking the following two yearly breaks:

  • Summer hiatus: July and August
  • Winter hiatus: from December to mid-January

See you :)