Avoid social media
October 27th, 2018, 5:46 pm
I always hated social media, because they are a complete waste of time. I don't give a damn about reconnecting with people I lost track of and I want to stay anonymous anyway. I was dragged into Facebook a couple of times, only to leave out of total boredom: I don't want to see my cousin's millionth elevator picture and I couldn't care less about your "impressive" thoughts on the meaning of life. It's all bullshit to me.

However, when I started making comics a little over three years ago, the entire community sent this message: you must network, and the most effective way to do so is through social media. So I joined Twitter and Facebook, again, somehow managing to remain anonymous, and started posting my updates there. Although I spent no more than 15 seconds on Facebook per day (which soon became zero, since I figured out how to automatically upload my new pages there), I stuck around Twitter a bit more, reading up about other people's comics, first, and then magically getting more and more into a raging topic: transgenderism. That was a huge mistake: soon enough, I ended up spending a disproportionate amount of time mostly reading up other people fighting over hormones and homophobia, but also getting into brief discussions myself (I always left after no more than two or three exchanges. Rarely did I go past ten tweets on the same thread). Months later, I realized that I, too, had fallen for this ludicrous shit: the fascination of wasting time while believing I was doing something quite important had enveloped me like millions and millions of other users, and my wife and my dog were looking at me with a sad look of neglect in their eyes.

How did I get out of that? Plain and simple: I realized I was helping foster stupidity and completely stopped caring. It was actually much easier than you think: I started filling my time with other things to do. You know, both important stuff and silly stuff: spending quality time with my wife and my dog or playing a game that would require no more than three minutes at the time per day (there are such games, just look them up. Simon's Cat - Crunch Time is one, for example); mentally disconnecting from my phone while at work, picking it up just to reply to my wife or my friends' messages; reading up actual stuff on the web, like how things work from reputable sources; getting back into studying Middle Egyptian; and drawing, drawing and drawing even more. Something that also helped was physically hiding the Twitter icon on my phone to a place I had to reach after swiping quite a bit.

Lo and behold, two weeks later I was astonished at the incredible amount of time I had gotten back and at how amazingly stupid I had been. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave Twitter, because I used that account to start uploading my comics on Webtoon, but I am no longer using it. As for Facebook, after that privacy debacle, I despised it even more than before, so I quit it.

How do I network, then, you may ask? How do I thrive in this cruel world of webcomics, this sea of crappy desperation full of mediocre works and creators? Well, I buy ads. Every cent I spend on ads, it's a cent spent on my mental health and a true gift to my work, because it lets me focus on important and fulfilling things. I also got back to being my old placid self, becoming enraged only when the situation actually requires that. So, keep your fake news and your social media philosophy to yourselves, dear social media addicts and conspiracy theorists. I have a life to live. A real one.


Networking can be a great thing, but that doesn't really mean we need facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.. those are hyped and overrated. They *may* work well for some people, but for others- yeah, as you say, just a waste of time.
Completely agree!