June newsletter
June 12th, 2018, 4:50 pm
Ready for this month's newsletter? Here it comes.

Please, remember to vote for my comic when you have time (once a week would be awesome, if at all possible)! Here's the voting link.

General news
Thank you for your patience during my forced hiatus. Although we are no longer panicking, the health situation we are facing is still a matter of concern. Still, I will be able to continue Infected Blood for a few weeks, before taking a summer break (which was always in the plans: if you don't know me, I take two hiatuses throughout the year: the month of August and a month between December and January). Hanging in there!

Website revamp
My bonus content is complete, for the moment. Check out the AIMS page, the Kemet-Ra page, and the characters' page, with nine featured characters! The latter will be updated at the end of each chapter, so make sure to be all-caught up with the comic, before taking a look, as it will contains spoilers.

Current comics
As a reminder, my comics are intended for adult audiences (18+ only).
Chapter 2 of Infected Blood started a couple of weeks ago! Alex is taken to the Forge, a floating prison with two terrifying towers. Her arrival was predictably sad, but reasonably smooth. However, things are about to get very heated, starting next week... If you want to know more about the Forge, check out the section dedicated to Kemet-Ra.

Dynamic Spores, my horror anthology, ended! If you didn't read it yet, make sure to check it out. At the moment, I don't have a new story to add to the anthology, although I see a couple of ideas floating in my mind...

Finally, Tales of the Wandering Stranger, the anthology I worked on with The Stitched Hand also concluded recently. Check it out!

Upcoming comics
I recently started Saint Suspicious, a new, humorous comic that atheists (especially ex-Catholics ) are certainly going to enjoy. At the moment, I am releasing one strip per week on Idiot-Free Zone, a collaborative blog full of smart, thought-provoking contributions from a variety of authors. I will make a separate website for the comic once the first story has been fully published on IFZ. For the moment, why not checking my comic there? Here's a link to the very first strip. Updates Wednesdays.

That's all for this month. As always, you may contact me by email at infectedbloodcomics@gmail.com.