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Date Posted: October 29th, 2018, 11:00 am

Author Notes

This is such a dramatic page that I had to take a break from drawing this comic. Not to worry, updates will continue as before - I have a buffer.

If you missed my news:
- I have an entire post on social media and how to stay away from it:
- And I recently released my October newsletter:

In other news, my hand is finally free from the two pins they stuck in it and the half-cast it was in for more than a month (admittedly, I changed cast several times, but overall it was a month). Yay! I'm doing my physiotherapy every day, multiple times a day (it's a very simple couple of movements), and I'm getting better and better. However, if you are eager to see my color pages make a comeback, I am afraid you will have wait a bit longer, because my updates will stop early December to start again in January and there is no way I will recuperate fast enough to get back to coloring before next year. Sorry about that.


Self harm D:
@KariK: It's very sad. Even sadder - it's a bit of a habit for her.
Ugh, just when you weren't sure things could get darker. Alas, when senses dull...
@David: Poor Alex is going through so much, she has to cope somehow :(