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Date Posted: October 22nd, 2018, 11:00 am

Author Notes

A quick recap: Alex is a sixteen-year old girl belonging to a species called AIMS, also disparagingly known as "infected blood". Falsely accused of murder, she is now serving a sentence of 35 years. On the very first day of prison, she is assaulted and reacts violently. She is now in isolation, where the situation is getting even tougher.


And I'm caught up again! You're doing a great job with this chapter. There's really a horrid gritty tone to the whole thing and going back to B&W, well, it kinda suits this mood very well. Maybe i'm biased because of my own preference. ;)
@David: Super happy you are enjoying this chapter, because it took me a lot of time refining it. I'm trying to show a lot of background info about Alex, the Forge and Kemet-Ra all together, while at the same time moving the story forward, so it's a lot on my plate to juggle!
Uuugh, yes, this is more than enough to make one totally nuts D:
@KariK: True. Yet, she's really trying to survive (in her own way, of course), as you'll see in the next page.