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Date Posted: September 10th, 2018, 11:00 am

Author Notes

We're back! I hope you're having an awesome summer. Montreal has been very hot, with several heat warnings, so there has been an abundance of sweaty days and nights... This happened right after one of the coldest winters ever, so all hail extreme temperatures! We're talking about -50 C in the winter to +46 C this summer.

But even at these crazy temperatures I continued drawing my comic, so here it is for your viewing pleasure :) If you wondered what Alex's "parents" were up to, well, at least Gordon is very sorry about how he treated Alex, so maybe there's an inkling of hope for them to recuperate a bit of a father/daughter relationship. See you next Monday!


"they're speciesists"-



well, it is good to see that he regrets.. so many stupid things can be said when in anger. I hope he'll be able to help or support her again somehow.
Yes, he was awful to her and it's good to see him regret it. The question is, will he do something about it?
Well... at leas it’s good to see a remorseful side to him.
@David: It was high time, wasn't it?