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Date Posted: June 25th, 2018, 11:00 am

Author Notes

Alex's cellmates don't have good intentions, but she has nothing to lose and she's also obviously used to handling fights.

Next week, Alex will share a thought or two directly with Harding.


"I'm the boss"

saying that to someone twice as large as yourself, it just had to fail.
@Meow: Very true, although what else could have she done? She has to show her power to new inmates and, in the case of someone so big like Alex, she had to try to overwhelm her. Remember, Alex is only 16, so she's very young, whereas Harding is clearly in her twenties, maybe early thirties. When you exude authority and talk like that to a youngin while putting a knife to her throat, the idea and the hope is that you'll just scare the shit out of her.
Lol, this worked out really well with that line! XD
@David: Yeah, such a smart move :) But then again, she had to show who the boss is, didn't she? That's how these people stay in power, after all.