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Date Posted: March 5th, 2018, 11:00 am

Author Notes

As Alex tries desperately to get her father on her side, a few big reveals are in order!

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Okay, uhm, looks that that wasn't relief at all. Sekhmet/Alex's dad looks and sounds like, I'mtryingtochoosemyworldscarefullyhere, a dick!
@David: Hahaha Didn't really danced around that one much, did you? :) I understand - he's neither trying to understand her nor trying to comfort his daughter. Even just the fact she's bruised and bloodied looks like it's nothing to him!
Sigh not even her own parents help her..

or "parents", they're not her real parents right?
@Karik Meow: I guess it depends on how you define the concept of "being a parent" - is it having a biological child or is it raising a child? Or both? :)
Yes you're right. Where I'm from there's a separate word for raising parents, to contrast from biological parents, but the word 'parents' is also used for both.