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Date Posted: January 29th, 2018, 11:00 am

Author Notes

So ends the conversation that is "killing" Gail, after she's scared Stephanie even further. What will this apprehensive mother do with Ryan's and Mark's full names?


Everyone knee deep in this shit, nobody knowing how to get out. Gail is pretty scared herself too, probably even more than Steph ;)
@Meow: Oh yeah, for sure! I also think Gail is more scared than Steph, but if you try to see things from her perspective, you can at least understand why she's so afraid. The risk of being ostracized by society and, even worse, deported, is very frightening, especially when you will be dumped not in another country but in an area where only war and chaos exist.
This society, it’s really earnest at least in its dystopian nature. Almost as though it revels in it. I can totally see why anyone living within it’s confines would be careful about their status and who they get involved with.
@David: Yes, it is a very harsh society and it does revel in a lot of bad stuff, as you will keep seeing. This is not directly shown, but Kemetians who can't afford to live there sometimes try to change country before being kicked out, but there is really nowhere to go. Kemet-Ra belongs to a federation whose countries are all at the mercy of Kemet-Ra and can't, by law, accept immigrants from there unless the Kemetian government gives explicit consent. The only other option is... the Outerlands, a world of war. I will post all of this "lovely" background info in a special page talking about Kemet-Ra :)
@InfectedBloodComics: And when you do I'll be on it like a lore-hound on lore-meat! ^_^