Who are you?

Just a woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

Why the anonymity?

I value my privacy.

Where do you live?

Montreal, Canada.

What's your marital status?

I am married to the most awesome woman ever.

Why do you make comics?

Because I have been writing all kinds of stories in my head my entire life and now I can't hold any of that inside any longer. I love literature, especially huge classic authors. What fascinates me the most about them is that they wrote hundreds, even thousands of years ago, yet they still speak to our very core. This is what inspires me and my main goal.

Why not writing novels, then?

Because I love comics and the incredible immediacy that only images can convey.

Are you inspired by any comics?

Only to a minor extent.

What kind of stories do you create?

Mostly sci-fi with lots of drama and pretty heavy themes like politics, religion and homophobia, but something else has been cooking in my mind recently, so rather soon you will see much more humorous (but not less abrasive) stuff.

Do you write, draw and color all your comics?

Yes, except for parts of Dynamic Spores , where I do just the writing.

Do you draw traditionally or digitally?

I started fully traditional, now I am fully digital. It's much faster and results are great.

Will you give art tutorials?

Not a chance in hell, they are one of the most boring things I can think of.

Will you at least show how you create your pages?

No, who cares?

Will you go back to doing reviews?

It is very unlikely. Life is very short and I am fully focused on my comics.

Do you collaborate with other artists?

I did little collaborations with others (mostly the anthology Tales of the Wandering Stranger ), but I am no longer interested in doing more. As I said before, I have to focus on my own comics.

Did you go to art school?

No, I'm 99% self-taught.